18 days / 17 nights Wildlife Safari

17 Nights Family Trip

The trip offers you a round trip across Uganda giving you an opportunity to visit 6 of Uganda’s amazing national parks out of 10 and other attractions that you will visit during the trip. It also offers you a cultural insight into the way of life of the people in Karamoja. 

Our clients enjoy a Sundowner in Queen Elizabeth National Park

What you'll do

Arrival into Uganda and pick up from the Entebbe international airport by our company representative for the trip and later transferred to Entebbe for an overnight. Based on the time of arrival of the clients, we shall head out for a group dinner with the guide for the safari where clients will have a briefing about how the trip is to flow. 

Accommodation: Lake Victoria Country Home.  (2 self-contained rooms in the same house) 

Estimated travel time: 10 minutes

Meal Plan: Dinner

Jinja is commonly known for the fact that it’s where the source of river Nile which is the longest River in the world is found. It’s a destination for adrenaline junkies who want to have some fun doing activities such as rafting, kayaking and many others. Our journey starts off very early in the morning if clients are to do rafting.  Below are the prices for rafting and other activities in Jinja that clients will pay directly

Full day grade 5 or 3 rafting – 140 USD 

Half day grade 5 or 3 rafting – 125 USD

Kaying for 3 hours single – 20 USD & double 30 USD

Sunset Cruise with a beer – 25 USD 

Nile lunch cruise – 35 USD

Estimated time of travel: 4 hours via kayunga

Accommodation: Nile Porch Jinja (1 room with 1 double bed & 1 single bed) 

Meal Plan: Full board - BreakFast, Lunch & Dinner



  • If a client wishes to do rafting, we have to leave Entebbe very early in the morning.

Sipi falls on the foothills of Mount Elgon, is the home to some of the best Arabic coffee in the world and is located in Eastern Uganda roughly 5 hours’ drive from Jinja. Enroute Sipi we shall visit the Source of River Nile which is the longest River in the world before proceeding with our journey to Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa. 


Accommodation: Sipi Falls Lodge (Family Room) 

Estimated travel time: 5- 6 hours 

Meal Plan: Half board – Breakfast & dinner

The Sipi falls hike takes you through local communities, roaring waterfalls, beautiful farms with magnificent views.  The hike takes roughly 3 to 4 hours depending on the energy of the hikers and that means it has to be started very early in the morning as we shall have a transfer to Moroto afterwards 

After the tour, clients can decide whether to have something to eat as there are not so many stop overs before their transfer to Moroto which is 173 Kms from Sipi making it roughly a 4-5 hours’ drive. 

Accommodation: Kara-tunga Safari camp (2 Safari tents – 1 double & 1 single) 

Estimated travel time: 4- 5 hours 

Meal Plan: Full board – breakfast & dinner


Due to the location of Karamoja, the most viable accommodation would be this one but if we are to use one tent for 3 people, they will be squeezed. That’s why we are opting for 2 safari tents.

The fact that pastoralism and conflict are two things that could never be separated, Karamoja was once an area embattled in conflict over natural resources like pasture, livestock and water for survival of their animals. It was such a tough time that traveling to Karamoja was never adviced for safety purposes. However gone are the days when the region was known for conflict. The people of Karamoja are now building themselves up through cultural tourism through offering open doors to visitors to come experience the uniqueness of their lives. Every visitor who visits contributes tremendously to the well-being of the communities and helping them to achieve a better life..

The culture village tour is not a sightseeing tour, but a participatory experience. It begins very early in the morning with a morning hike of Mt Moroto.  A Manyatta is a traditional homestead where the Karamojong still life like their ancestors and conduct cultural traditions that have been passed on for many generations. We introduce you into the culture by taking you to the beating heart of the community and invite you to participate in daily life activities. From preparing local foods to celebrations, this will be an unforgettable journey. It’s a full day activity. 


Accommodation: Kara-tunga Safari camp (2 Safari tents – 1 double & 1 single) 

Meal Plan: Full board – breakfast & dinner

Uganda isn’t really thought of as a classic safari destination in the way South Africa and Tanzania are, but this well conserved Savannah Park proves the doubters wrong. Situated in distant Northern Eastern Uganda, its game drives and bush walks offer extraordinary diversity in its landscapes and wildlife. It boasts of 475 recorded bird species and 77 mammal species.

We shall set off very early in the morning for our drive to Kidepo that takes 5 – 6 hours. Check into the lodge for lunch before going for an afternoon Game drive. 

Accommodation: Kidepo Savannah lodge (1 double tent with an extra bed) 

Estimated travel time: 5- 6 hours 

Meal Plan: Full board – breakfast & dinner

After breakfast early in the morning, you will go for an exciting game drive across the Savannah, mountains and pure wilderness of Kidepo National Park. The drive to the Hot-Springs gives you an opportunity to see Ostriches, Leopards, Tortoises, Antelope (The Roan Antelope is found here) and other wildlife.  A game drive through the Narus Valley where you will see herds of buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, zebras, leopards and the elusive cheetah. The park is estimated to have 465 species of birds. You will experience African Wilderness with no human crowds.

After head back for lunch and relation at the lodge before starting off your nature walk in the afternoon based on how the heat of the day will be. Note: Wildlife cannot be tamed so we can’t be sure of how many animals you will see in a day.

After breakfast we shall start our morning drive to Murchison Falls at 8:00am with our parked lunch boxes to have along the trip. 

Accommodation: Pakuba Lodge (One double room with an extra bed) 

Estimated travel time: 7- 8 hours 

Meal Plan: Full board – breakfast & dinner

Wake up to an early morning Game drive in the park after breakfast starting at 6:30am. There’s wildlife aplenty including 76 mammal species and 451 bird species.  It is Uganda's biggest conservation area, covering an expanse of 3,840km2 which comprises of dense tropical forests, open Savannah with towering borassus palm trees. The game drive gives you the opportunity to site Lions, Elephants, Buffalos and many other animals hidden away in the beauty of Nature (nature can’t be tamed, provided the day is good we shall see all the animals). Clients will have an opportunity to have a fruit break during the course of the tour.  Clients will later have a lunch break before proceeding for the boat cruise which starts at 2:00 pm  

A 3 hours boat cruise on River Nile offers a great way to enjoy the bird life flitting along the banks of the world's longest river, River Nile. This includes fish eagles and kingfishers dive-bombing into the water from overhanging tree branches. This is where to get that photo of a hippo yawning. You will also see lots of elephants, buffalos and giraffes cooling off with a refreshing splash in the water. This refreshing cruise offers you a better perspective and experience of the park. You will witness a change in scenery, from tropical forest to freshwater to savannahs with rolling hills. 

You can’t miss taking pictures of the Murchison Falls known as the World’s most powerful waterfalls where the Nile from 50 meters squeezes through a 6 meter gorge falling 40 meters with a thunderous roar. For the safety of the clients, boats are not allowed to sail close to the falls.


Note: Clients should have in mind that nature can’t be tamed so we can’t assure you of what kind of animals you will see during the tour. 

Meal Plan – Full board – breakfast, lunch & dinner 

Optional Activity. 

Clients who are willing to see the Murchison falls from the top and with a better view can take part in the hike to the top of the falls. This hike takes roughly 1 – 2 hours and costs 15 USD per person. This hike takes place during the course of the boat cruise so clients have to all do the hike since the driver will have to drive and pick them up from the other side of the falls

After breakfast, set off at 8:00am to Kibaale through various markets and communities. The drive combines both dusty and tarmacked roads. Check into the accommodation. This tranquil tropical forest provides an ultimate chimp encounter thanks to its status as a fully-fledged primate capital, boasting of 13 species of both old world and new world monkeys. 

Estimated travel time: 8 hours+ including the lunch stop over

Lunch: Lunch boxes

Accommodation: Chimpanzee Guest House

Meal Plan: Full board - breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

In the morning at 7:15am drive to the park offices for briefing in preparation for Chimpanzee tracking. This takes roughly 1 – 2 hours or less tracking the chimps depending on their location. Clients will spend 1 hour observing and taking pictures of the Chimps and after the beautiful experience return to the lodge to have a hot lunch. Clients are as well advised to have enough drinking water.

 In the afternoon, you will head out for a community tour experience which takes you through the life of the people in the region from the local medicine man, local home coffee processing to local cattle milking experience. 


  • Accommodation: Chimpanzee Guest House
  • Meal Plan : Full board


Optional Activities. 

Early Morning Bigodi Swamp walk during which clients encounter a number of bird species and different monkeys. The walk costs 20 USD per person and clients choose to do the walk first, come back to the lodge, freshen up and then do breakfast before their departure to Queen Elizabeth.

After breakfast, start the journey at 10:00am (if clients are not doing Bigodi Swamp walk or else 11 am) to Queen Elizabeth national park which takes roughly 4 hours. Clients will have the rest of the afternoon off to rest. 


Optional Activities:

 Night Game Drive can also be done at 100 USD per vehicle and 20 USD for each spot light to be used during the night game drive, you’re advised to have two spot lights. This gives you an opportunity to encounter a few nocturnal animals that are active during the night. However nature can’t be tamed and it dictates what kind of animals you will encounter.

Accommodation: Elephant Hub Lodge

Estimated travel time: 4+ hours including the lunch stop over

Meal Plan: Full board – breakfast, lunch & dinner

In the morning at 6:30am, start off your game drive in the park. Queen Elizabeth boasts of one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any game park or reserve in the world. Located on the floor of the Albertine Rift Valley south west of Kasese, its vegetation comprises of savannah, acacia, euphorbia trees and large papyrus swamps. A number of over 100 mammal species and 500 bird species make this territory and great tourist destination. The maramagambo forest houses a large selection of monkeys and birds with flamingos on the crater lakes. The morning Game drive provide excellent opportunity to see lions, elephants, Leopards, Topi and many other animals (remember these are wild animals and nature can’t be tamed, so we can’t be 100% sure of seeing all the animals), After the Game Drive, head to Mweya Safari lodge for lunch at around 12:30 pm before transfer for the boat cruise at 1:30pm 

The boat trip on the Mweya Peninsula along the Kazinga channel which is a 41 km stretch of water and believed to be the longest natural water channel connects Lake Edward and Lake George. Here you have an opportunity to see crocodiles, hippos and birds that inhabit the Shoreline. The boat cruise takes roughly 2 hours. After the boat cruise, transfer back to the lodge

Accommodation: Elephant hub lodge

 Meal Plan: Full board 

After breakfast, start the journey to Ishasha sector   through savannah grasslands in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It takes roughly 3 hours on unpaved roads to reach the Ishasha area. We shall do a drive for approximately 1 hour in search of the tree climbing lions and if we are lucky we shall be able to find a pride. Ishasha is mainly famous for tree climbing lions but also has other wildlife.  Later check into the lodge for lunch and resting before going out for a game drive later in the afternoon. 


Accommodation: Enjolo Lodge  

Estimated time of travel:   3-4 hours including stopovers. 

Meal Plan: Full board- BreakFast, Lunch & Dinner

Clients will go out for an early morning game drive in search of what Nature may have for them in the morning before breaking off for a Bush breakfast in the wilderness. Afterwards, clients will start off their journey to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Check into the lodge for lunch. 

Accommodation: Bakiga Lodge  

Estimated time of travel:   3-4 hours including stopovers. 

Meal Plan: Full board- BreakFast, Lunch & Dinner


Optional activity. 

Community experience can be planned at a cost.

After an early breakfast, at 7:15 am drive to the information center with packed lunch boxes to prepare for the Gorilla tracking. After briefing from the Ranger guide, traverse to the Gorilla sanctuary to start tracking these lovely creatures. It takes approximately 1-2 hours or less to find the gorillas based on where they are located and after you spend 1 hour observing and taking pictures. The time you spend observing these endangered species is worth a trip to any part of the world and can never be forgotten.  Clients are expected to have enough drinking water, good hiking shoes, rain jackets in case it rains, gloves if necessary, long sleeved clothes after the gorilla tracking, and transfer back to the lodge for resting. 

Accommodation: Bakiga Lodge

Meal Plan: Full board- BreakFast, lunch & Dinner

At around 10:00 am, clients will set off for Bunyonyi which takes roughly 3 – 4 hours’ drive through Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Check into the lodge for lunch.  

 Lake Bunyonyi is undoubtedly the loveliest lake in Uganda with 29 islands surrounded by steep terraced hillsides reminiscent of parts of Nepal and also appears on the 5000 Shilling note for Uganda.  Bunyonyi becomes more magical in the morning as the mist rises off the placid water.  

Provided the afternoon weather is fine, we shall head out for a boat cruise on the Bunyonyi Island for a short tour. 

Extra activities such as Quad Biking, Canoeing, Hiking, community tour can be organized at an extra cost based on what clients want. 

Accommodation: Arcadia Cottages Lake Bunyonyi

Meal Plan:  Full board

After breakfast, you will set off for your journey to Lake Mburo National Park at 8:00am provided it’s partly a bumpy road with an afternoon activity. We shall have a lunch stop at Igongo Cultural Center before proceeding for check in at the lodge. 

Later in the afternoon head out for a cycling tour in the park with a well-trained ranger. The savannah park is small, compact and easy to travel around, and the number of animals is significant compared to the small area of the park. Nowhere else in Uganda do you get a big population of zebras as is Lake Mburo, over 8,000. Even more fascinating, it has almost all the animals in the antelope family, inclusive of toppi, klipspringer duiker, oribi and bohor reedbuck

Accommodation:  Rwakobo Rock

Estimated time of travel:   5 – 6 hours

Meal Plan: Full board- BreakFast, lunch & Dinner

Lunch: Igongo Cultural Center

Clients will have an opportunity for a morning game drive in Lake Mburo National Park in search of some wildlife that nature will have to provide. Later transfer back to Entebbe in the early afternoon with a stopover at the Uganda Equator for clients to take some pictures. 


Head out for a group dinner later at night to share memories about the trip before you say good buy to your Safari Guide. 

Accommodation: Lake Victoria Country Home (2 self-contained rooms in the same house)

Estimated time of travel:   5 – 6 hours

Meal Plan: Full board- Breakfast, lunch & dinner

With beautiful memories about Uganda, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home. 

Breakfast only

What is in the package

  • Transportation,
  • Bottled drinking water on safari,
  • 1 Gorilla Gorilla 
  • Accommodation and meals outlined,
  • English speaking guide/driver
  • Park entrance fees
  • Activities as outlined,


  • Visa / entry permit for Uganda if required at 50 USD,
  • International Flight costs
  • All drinks except ones served for breakfast, beverages
  • Any activity not mentioned
  • Personal travel insurance covers.
  • Tips to Waiters/ Waitresses and Tour Guides
  • Any other expenses of personal nature
  • Waterproof walking shoes or hiking boots are for tracking
  • Gardening gloves for protection against stinging plants
  • Long trousers and long sleeved sweaters or shirts while in the forest.
  • Photography is only allowed with a flash off so as not to scare the Gorillas
  • Porters are available to help you with your bags at a small fee
  • Carry enough drinking water because you never know the location of the Gorillas from the start of your hike. Be prepared for long walks just in case
  • Eating, drinking and smoking near the gorillas is forbidden. The ranger will always communicate when it’s appropriate for you to do so.
  • Bwindi being a tropical forest, it can rain anytime so we encourage you to carry a rain jacket.
  • Accommodation named in the itinerary is based on availability during the preferred travel dates. In case of non-availability, similar types of accommodation will be recommended.

    The Safari is done in 4WD Safari cars with a pop up roof for Game Viewing. Each client has a window seat for better travel moments

    Where Half board meal plan has been indicated, clients will be taken to a restaurant on a en-route our destination where they can have their lunch 


    For more information on the different travel itineraries we have for East Africa, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where to stay

Sipi Falls Lodge (Family Room).

Lake Victoria Country Home. . Etc

Accommodation Category: 4 star

Number of clients: 1 (one)

Departure: Day

Price: $1,100/ Person

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