A family vacation is the perfect time to watch your children open their minds to new experiences in a new part of the world. Rwanda, in East-Central Africa, is the perfect destination to unleash your older child’s imagination, especially for teens old enough to participate in primate tours and other unique wildlife safaris. To feel confident about the upcoming experience, you want to be sure you have considered every aspect of the trip and made the right choices. With Serenity Adventure Safari’s help, you can rest assured that your time in Rwanda will exceed your expectations. We understand which aspects of your travel will either enhance or detract from your time together, and our professional guidance will give you exactly the kind of solid information you need to make the best possible decisions. As you plan your visit to Rwanda, we will make recommendations about accommodations, activities, and points of interest that stay within your budget, while maximizing your enjoyment of this spectacular country.

A common concern among parents considering a visit to Rwanda is how to ensure the whole family stays healthy while traveling. Your Serenity adventure safari travel consultant will provide details about measures you should take prior to your travel, including vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis, and warm clothing you’ll want to pack. Our recommended accommodations are equipped with mosquito netting or proofing to provide protection against insects. Additionally, the safari lodges, camps and transportation in Rwanda will be comfortable, convenient, and appropriate for the ages and interests of your children. Whenever possible, we will plan your route in a manner than minimizes flying and driving times, as some children do not do well with long journeys. For instance, we may recommend points of interest in the same geographical area, suggest that you spend more days at each destination, or plan your itinerary around a dual park experience.

To fully enjoy immersing yourself in the Rwandan flora, fauna, and cultures on your wilderness safari, you don’t want to be worried about overspending. We provide peace of mind by identifying child-friendly lodges and camps that meet your budget and provide the highest level of comfort and convenience for your family. Children’s discounts are available at some accommodations in Rwanda, ranging from budget lodges that attract many tourists to more secluded private getaways. The increase in family-oriented safaris in Rwanda has also brought to the market smaller, more intimate accommodations that are owned by local families.

Although each accommodation defines its own pricing structure, there are some common patterns. In general, children under two years of age stay free and the rates for children under 12 are discounted compared to adult rates in most places. Rates for children over 12 are the same as adult rates. Some accommodations have special family rooms or tents, but you may need to get two or more separate adjacent rooms depending on your itinerary and family size. This particularly applies to families who are traveling with two or more children, as some rooms accommodate a maximum of two adults and one child. A parent will need to stay in each room to watch over the youngsters.

The time of year you choose for your family’s dream holiday in the amazing country of Rwanda will also influence your experience. Many parents wish to plan their travel at times that coincide with school breaks, including during the summer and over Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Children and parents alike are often thrilled with the high visitor levels at these times, as it gives them an opportunity to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Summer also coincides with the long dry season, so you will have superb wildlife viewing both in Rwanda and other areas in East Africa. Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park and the Great Migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti are both wonderful to see during this season. The warm weather and minimal precipitation during this time of year also provides the best climate for a beach escape on the Indian Ocean or relaxing on the sandy shorelines of Lake Kivu, in western Rwanda. If you plan to spend the Christmas holiday in Rwanda, we encourage you to schedule your flights, activities, and accommodations early, as the local visitor levels peak during this season.

Most visitors come to Africa, and Rwanda in particular, to view unique species in their natural habitats. For this reason, activities that explore the natural world are a prime focus. For safety reasons, gorilla, golden monkey, chimpanzee (Nyungwe Forest ), and primate trekking in national parks in Rwanda are restricted to older children over 15 years old, though younger children can visit Akagera National Park and enjoy the many other animals, both large and small. If you wish to take these primate treks and have younger children looked after, we can arrange other activities to keep your little ones happy and quite busy or each parent takes a trek in either of the two days. Activities suitable for younger kids include flower and birding tours or visits to local villages, where your children can learn traditional beading, bow and arrow skills, songs and dances, and much, much more! Akagera National Park and Lake Kivu do not have age restrictions on activities. Paramount for families is having a professional guide that can awaken their children’s excitement and engagement with the Rwandan bush. Serenity adventure Safaris has personal knowledge of its guides, and we assure you that each one takes a special, heartfelt interest in teaching children and delighting their young imaginations as they take families into a world of stunning scenery and remarkable wildlife. By learning about each child’s special interests, our guides are able to tailor the outback tours in a way that makes the time in Africa absolutely unforgettable for parents and youngsters alike.

If you’re like most families, your utmost desire when journeying to Rwanda is to give your children a lifetime of memories and a mind filled with adventurous and enlightening travel experiences. Serenity adventure Safaris is your premier partner in making your safari dream come true for you and your whole family.